Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4th, 1936

Welcome to my new journal.

Here I will explore the culture, politics, and current events as I see them.  With the dawn of 1936 the world is still suffering from economics hardship, new and potentially dangerous ideologies are spreading across the globe, but great scientific advances are also being made and new art is being created.  It will be an interesting year.

I didn't want to open up with politics in this journal, but last night I listened to President Roosevelt's State of the Union Address. Not too much to get excited about.  In fact there was a high degree of stupidity in the speech.

The President said that 85 or 90 percent of all the people in the world were content with the territorial limits of their nations.  I don't think he has ever heard of Africa, or India, or Indochina, or any other area dominated by imperial colonization.  While I have not done my own survey, I'm sure 85 to 90 percent of the subjects of these empires are not happy with their situation.

Later he made a call for the American citizens, Congress, and himself to establish a new relationship between the Government and the people.  That followed by a comment about unscrupulous money-changers made me feel that we were on the path to follow Italy and Germany.

Enough politics for now.  Just have the speech on the brain right now.  In the coming days I hope to get things started with reviews of books and movies.  I'll also do some extra posting during the winter and summer Olympics (both taking place in Germany).  I'll try to cover some boxing as well...   so literature, film, sports, and any other entertainment or cultural events may be subject to future posts.

Thanks for stopping by.  Be sure to check back for updates as the year progresses!

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